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Chapter 2153 – Battle of Dragon Sons! soap summer
When Ao Xu been told, he could not guide having a shocked facial area also.
Very long Chi’s brows furrowed, and the man said, “Brother Ao Xu, just what are you here for?”
Long Xiyue appeared toward Ye Yuan having an affectionate start looking.
Longer Chi had a sour start looking while he reported, “There wasn’t before, however right now …
This became still Lengthy Xiaochun getting very fun, which has been why her cultivation speed was so sluggish.
Section 2153: Combat of Dragon Sons!
our dragon competition bloodline is incomparably n.o.ble. So although you may give up on yourself to despair, don’t put yourself in precisely the same category as being a pig, this sort of lower-class everyday life-shape!”
Ahead of Ao Xu, Very long Chi mentioned using a doleful start looking, “Brother Ao Xu, you should support justice for this particular more youthful sibling! Disregarding that that child murdered my Hao-er, he even used this type of technique to humiliate me! I absolutely can’t deal with this grievance!”
… …
This scene right now ought not arise.
Thankfully, this Ao Xu’s relationships.h.i.+p with him was very good. Prolonged Chi just let out a sigh and said,
Could another person still anger you until in this way in this Raindragon Stronghold?” Ao Xu claimed curiously.
What Very long Chi explained, each one was unthinkable, let alone that it even taken place to a single human being concurrently.
Unrivaled Medicine God
Can it be that his deal with was going to utterly reduce from the East Suppression Pseudo Entire world?
This make any difference was as well inconceivable!
“Hehe, Ye Yuan, experiencing an excellent grandaunt, shouldn’t you kowtow?” Extended Xiaochun teased Ye Yuan once again.
Prolonged Chi observed his speech and countenance and explained, “Brother Ao Xu visiting Raindragon Stronghold, could it be …”
Prolonged Xiaochun were built with a sour face. All of a sudden, she had a kindle of inspiration. Taking Ye Yuan, she experienced an overall look of providing people with feelings of not able to make it possible to show soft attention when one spotted her as she said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan …”
If she cultivated carefully, her current durability would already be G.o.d realizes how horrifying.
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Ao Xu chuckled and mentioned, “You never ought to care about what I’m here for first. You’re accomplishing some thing unique right here. This Emperor could even notice your howls coming from a hundred mls apart.
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Ao Xu chuckled and reported, “You don’t should care about what I’m for initially. You’re engaging in some thing special here. This Emperor can even notice your howls from the hundred kilometers absent.
Long Chi noticed his speech and countenance and claimed, “Brother Ao Xu going to Raindragon Stronghold, can it be …”
But correct presently, Ao Xu gave a little cry of astonish. A bright mystery order jumped away from the void and landed in Ao Xu’s fingers.
Prolonged Xiaochun were built with a bitter face. Out of the blue, she got a ignite of creativity. Tugging Ye Yuan, she got an physical appearance of giving people feelings of incapable of help you to show sore proper care when one noticed her as she said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan …”
But right at this time, Ao Xu gave a slight cry of surprise. A bright secret sequence jumped out of the void and landed in Ao Xu’s arms.
This Ao Xu was Divine Stronghold Purpledragon Stronghold’s Perfect Emperor leader. Possessing this landscape viewed by him, wouldn’t this unsavory scandal distribute to any or all the heaven strongholds?
Having a validated remedy, great shock was written across Ao Xu’s experience when he explained, “Then, the things you reported earlier was all true?”
Ye Yuan smiled and explained, “Relax, Aunt, abandon Xiaochun’s breakthrough for me.”

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