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Chapter 703 finger tightfisted
Her dark-colored head of hair acquired some gold strands that have been highlighted via the lighting, and her a little wild hair decreased in her cheeks, creating her search light .
“Let’s go!”
Moving over the longsword, Su Han dashed toward the Nine Dragon Palace .
In their way, just the stereo from the taxi shattered the silence in the car .
This feeling was really a cognitive blow to Su Han who possessed existed alone for a long time .
Moving around the longsword, Su Han swept towards the distance with extremely fast speed and chance out a different silver dragon nail .
Her black color head of hair got some gold strands that have been highlighted by the light, and her marginally wavy hair fell on the cheeks, generating her start looking soothing .
Sunlight was setting up when Hao Ren and Su Han walked right out of the Management Creating . Donning a bright white coating, dark colored leggings, and a pair of white-colored shoes which accentuated her gorgeous thighs, Su Han appeared unique and stylish . Some students searched toward them once they spotted Hao Ren and Su Han jogging out of the Administration Developing collectively . As soon as the wind flow blew up her windbreaker, Su Han checked sophisticated and relaxed along with her very long feet subjected, revealing her alluring charm . Hao Ren changed to view the lake in the environment Sunshine and believed probably almost nothing major would happen in Eastern Seashore College when his absence . Following walking right out of the classes, Su Han referred to as taxi cab . When she got within the back seat, she pulled Hao Ren within the back chair as well . The scholars on the institution door noticed Hao Ren and Su Han both getting in the back seat, plus they started to speculate the modern continuing development of their relationships.h.i.+p . Right after requesting the address, the taxi cab vehicle driver started the auto when he glanced at the stunning Su Han from the back-see mirror . Hao Ren sat much more than ten centimeters from Su Han . Appearing from the home window without using a message, Su Han revealed her sophisticated the neck and throat . Hao Ren asked yourself what she was contemplating . On his or her way, exactly the radio station from the taxi cab shattered the silence in a car . If they came to the house elaborate where Su Han lived, Hao Ren implemented her within the elevator . Su Han was quiet in the way, and Hao Ren didnt understand what she was wondering . Hao Ren had been to Su Hans house right before, but he noticed just as if your entire life possessed pa.s.sed considering that he was here before . Inspite of the untidy your kitchen, the apartment checked thoroughly clean . On the other hand, the marble floors searched gloomy and cool with this weather conditions . Su Han hung up her windbreaker and turned on the heat in the condominium . The variable purple sweater suit her physique strongly, exposing her wonderful figure . Su Han raised her hand and reviewed her gold observe . Effectively arranged out at night time . Okay . Hao Ren nodded . The evening meal . is quick noodles, Su Han continued . Ugh . Hao Ren froze for a moment along with to accept to her suggestion . Right after removing the kind of extra tall, white colored boot footwear and pus.h.i.+ng her legs into pink slippers, Su Han placed a very thin silk robe around her before getting hectic with the food prep . It seemed that she didnt want Hao Ren to gaze at her wonderful number on the sweater . Leaning around the settee, Hao Ren switched on the TV and surfed via the channels, believing that this might be another typical time just before their excitement . Su Han clanked around with all the pots and pans with the cooking, and Hao Ren wondered why she was helping to make a great deal of racket while preparing only quick noodles . People were alone from the large condo it observed lonesome but also seductive . If she werent a cultivator, together classiness and academic history, Su Han could easily are actually a fresh online business high level which has a occupation paying over 500,000 yuan 1 year, residing an uneventful and satisfied living Hao Ren switched his top of your head marginally and looked over Su Han who had been inside the pinkish slippers and black tights with the cooking . Her dark frizzy hair acquired some golden strands that had been highlighted from the gentle, and her a little curly hair dropped on her cheeks, producing her appear mild . Slap . Su Han sent back on the lounge with two bowls of quick noodles in her own hands and wrists . Hao Ren smelled the smell on the instant noodles and believed that Su Hans preparing expertise had improved upon . In the mean time, the go with-producing present for the Television programs was indicating the female guests with enchanting smiles . Observing Hao Ren watching television even though eating the noodles, Su Han instantly picked up the remote controlled and transformed the station . Hao Ren believed slightly disappointed when the channel was instantly evolved as he was willing to notice one of the women attendees self-arrival . Following the wet year, the mating time takes place . Su Han took place to improve the channel on the Puppy Society, plus the narrator was communicating these words and phrases . Cough! Hao Ren almost sneezed the noodles out from his nostrils . Su Hans ice cold confront blushed instantly, and she acquired the remote controlled and switched off the television . Given that Su Han didnt prefer to have a discussion, the bedroom was plunged into silence once the only noise was switched off . Hao Ren ate the noodles noisily, wanting to lighten the atmosphere . Grab yourself ready . Its no field vacation, Su Han stated . Acquired it . Hao Ren gathered the dish and slurp the soups also . Su Han frowned and pursed her mouth area, believing that Hao Ren was performing like this had been his very own household . On the other hand, she didnt would like to scold him or a single thing she only believed he became a tad too casual . After going into her area, she required a bathrobe and needed a bathroom inside the bathroom . Although ingesting the noodles, Hao Ren listened to the seems from the shower room in the bath room finally hiccupped with wonderful pleasure . It was hard to say what could happen in the Nine Dragon Palace, and Hao Ren obtained organized to have a excellent dish before they established out . Nonetheless, Su Han just dealt with him with prompt noodles . Forget it! Im complete anyway and able to beat within the Nine Dragon Palace, he idea . He dumped the two document dishes within the trash can with the food prep and sighed heavily as he saw the sink which was stuffed with dirty plates . Su Han is bad at housework . Hao Ren rolled up his sleeves, picked up the soap, excited the faucet, and started to thoroughly clean the plates that had acc.u.mulated approximately five to six weeks . Internet marketing washing regardless that I dont determine if we can easily return or maybe not, Hao Ren thinking as he put the clear plates and utensils to the cupboard . Following wandering out of the restroom in their bathrobe, Su Han witnessed Hao Ren clear up your kitchen inside a daze . Then, she gone into her sleeping quarters and place on the purple sweater and black leggings whilst biting her lips . Hao Ren was working such as a excellent partner, but who could belittle him for this? Even Su Han possessed overlooked Hao Rens possible very often . Maybe . He could make it to the Heavenly Dragon World as well? Su Han believed when she looked at Hao Ren fresh your kitchen . Hua . Hao Ren cleaned the cloth and installed it over the hook across the kitchen sink just before jogging out from the cooking area . Ranking within the doorway to her master bedroom, Su Han considered him and after that switched her gaze away as she cleared her neck a little bit . Decrease the insignificant function . You will find only four several hours right before we established off for that Nine Dragon Palace . You have to make time to develop and make preparations . Regardless of her ideas, she all of a sudden noticed like Hao Ren was her man as he was cleansing the kitchen space . This feeling was actually a cognitive blow to Su Han who experienced resided alone for many years . Acceptable! Hao Ren inserted her farming home and sat down cross-legged . Pursuing him into your place, Su Han lighted some incense and located her longsword beside her ahead of closing her eyes to rest . Now, she and Hao Ren would head to the Nine Dragon Palace, the place even the deputy shrine masters of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine couldnt key in without authorization . Su Han felt a little tense, and smaller ripples showed up in her own thoughts . But quickly, she suppressed her thoughts with her method, and her imagination grew to become smooth all over again such as the surface area of a lake . Finding her attractive posture even though she well rested with closed eye, Hao Ren located his face to face his knee joints, exhaled significantly, and circulated his character substance utilizing the Gentle Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll . Equally as Su Han obtained explained, these were not taking a field visit, and they couldnt manage to be foolhardy . Time ticked away silently on the noiseless farming area . When Hao Ren was collecting each of the aspect heart and soul into his dragon center, Su Hans sound broke the silence . Lets go! By using a slight press, Su Han opened your window . The thin and longsword rose inside the air flow easily, and Su Han slipped her ft into a pair of white boot footwear just before taking pictures out from the windowpane on the longsword . Without the need of doubt, Hao Ren jumped out from the windowpane . As soon as he started to decline, the crimson yellow gold hairpin came out beneath his toes . With a glowing lightweight, he implemented Su Han properly . The Nine Dragon Palace was on 5th Heaven, but only Su Han was aware its specific location . Just after travelling higher than the misty lakes and mountain tops, Su Han and Hao Ren entered Fifth Heaven . Ding! Su Han noticed the land and golf shot out a dragon nail . The gold nail golf shot within the mountain peak having a glowing white colored lighting . Moving on the longsword, Su Han swept to your extended distance with extremely fast performance and taken out one other gold dragon nail . Another lighting dot came out on the rolling mountains . Provided that a palm, the dragon fingernails or toenails were actually very powerful at building assortment formations and searching for other treasures . Su Han guided Hao Ren around a mountain / hill before capturing out one other dragon nail . This spot was far away from Hao Rens Ethereal Summit, and that he obtained never been here well before . Though her longsword swept across an in-depth valley, Su Han taken out a different dragon nail toward the dark colored hill . Right after numerous attempts, the 5 whitened lights flashed vaguely in the area which has a size of 1,000 kilometers . Go! Su Han threw your longsword with all of her pressure, issuing all the potency of top-level Qian-degree . The dark-colored-and-white gentle instantaneously lit up this region with wondrous radiance . Su Han cultivated both precious metal-elemental and water-elemental character fact . Once the steel-elemental mother nature substance hit its top, it was bright, and once water-elemental nature heart and soul arrived at its optimum point, it might be black color . Su Hans up-to-date kingdom was in the vicinity of highest Qian-level! All of the sturdiness that she possessed was launched instantly! Increase! Increase . m.u.f.fled thunderous noises sounded around the calm 5th Paradise within the night time . Adhering to Su Han, Hao Ren found a greyish define shown up at night heavens . The Nine Dragon Palace! It was subsequently the Nine Dragon Palace that Hao Ren acquired one time viewed! For instance a large town hovering in the surroundings, it had many soil towards the bottom while the top notch was beyond his vision! Making use of all her farming sturdiness in the infiltration, Su Han broke the Nine Dragon Palaces stealth . Although it was only a hazy describe, that they had to be able to get into it! Swoos.h.!.+ Moving around the longsword, Su Han dashed toward the Nine Dragon Palace . The five dragon nails have been thieved from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, additionally they were actually carrying the shadow of the Nine Dragon Palace in place . Having said that, it might final only many secs! Having the strength of seriously hurting top Qian-point cultivators, the dragon fingernails ended up treasures of your 6th deputy shrine become an expert in, and each one may be employed just once . This deputy shrine expert only had eight dragon fingernails still left! Su Han was going for a great risk to go in the Nine Dragon Palace! She would perish if she been unsuccessful! Hua . Moving around the purple rare metal hairpin, Hao Ren followed her . With the assistance of the five dragon fingernails or toenails, Su Hans complete-force strike only unveiled the shadow in the Nine Dragon Palace . Instantly, the define from the Nine Dragon Palace started to dim and would vanish within the darkness all over again . Its the atmosphere of dragon cultivators! A furious roar abruptly came from Seventh Heaven!
Su Han happened to switch the station for the Animal Planet, as well as narrator was communicating these thoughts .
If she weren’t a cultivator, together style and academic back ground, Su Han could easily have been a fresh business top level having a employment spending over 500,000 yuan each year, living an uneventful and content everyday life .
Using Su Han, Hao Ren spotted a greyish describe showed up at nighttime sky .
Status in the front door to her master bedroom, Su Han looked at him and switched her gaze away as she removed her throat a little bit .
Hao Ren ate the noodles noisily, wanting to lighten up the climate .
Just after many attempts, the five bright white lamps flashed vaguely in the community with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers .
Looking out from the window without a message, Su Han revealed her exquisite neck area . Hao Ren been curious about what she was planning .
On his or her way, simply the television inside the taxi cab broke the silence in the car .
Viewing Hao Ren watching TV while enjoying the noodles, Su Han unexpectedly found the handheld remote control and evolved the station .
Su Han was getting a excellent potential risk to go into the Nine Dragon Palace! She would expire if she been unsuccessful!
Hao Ren consumed the noodles noisily, seeking to lighten the climate .
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Whilst it was only a inexplicable outline for you, they had the chance to key in it!
“The evening meal . . . is prompt noodles,” Su Han continued .
acorna’s rebels
“Let’s go!”
mary magdalene death
Hao Ren almost sneezed the noodles out from his nose .
Su Han’s existing realm was in the vicinity of maximum Qian-amount!
Time ticked away silently in the silent cultivation space . When Hao Ren was accumulating each of the mother nature basis into his dragon core, Su Han’s speech broke the silence .
Hao Ren almost sneezed the noodles from his nose .
If she weren’t a cultivator, together classiness and educational qualifications, Su Han could easily are a youthful business exclusive that has a work having to pay over 500,000 yuan 1 year, life an uneventful and satisfied lifestyle .
On this occasion, she and Hao Ren would check out the Nine Dragon Palace, an area even the deputy shrine masters in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine couldn’t key in with no agreement .

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