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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 784 – Cursed Treasure ablaze black-and-white
The Paradise Eating Reach consumed the whole cursed cherish and persisted to take flight to the heavens, making the cursed sword using it.
“E-Prestigious guests! Are you presently alright?!” Ji Hong exclaimed within a startled sound, and then he investigated Su Yang using a apprehensive appear on his face.
“Heavens! It made it through! The cursed treasure actually survived!” Ji Hong exclaimed as soon as the cursed sword delivered to the floor.
The instant Su Yang touched the wooden sword, black smoking started popping out, much like it was scorching his epidermis.
Ji Hong nodded and implemented Su Yang out of doors.
Some time down the road, they turned up inside of a great and drain courtroom somewhere within the Ji Family’s house.
A number of minutes afterwards, Ji Hong retrieved the Flower of Resurrection and set it within the timber container to sustain its high quality before passing it to Su Yang.
A couple of minutes later on, Su Yang tossed the solid wood sword in to the skies and said, “When you can live this. .h.i.t, I’ll allow you to be my weapon!”
Ji Hong’s jaw bone dropped to the floor as he seen Su Yang’s energy.
Some time afterwards, they showed up in a substantial and vacant court somewhere on the Ji Family’s house.
The Paradise Consuming Affect taken the complete cursed treasure and carried on to fly towards heavens, getting the cursed sword by using it.
“How are cursed treasures even developed?” Lian Li asked an instant later.
Several moments in the future, Su Yang tossed the solid wood sword to the skies and reported, “Whenever you can make it through this. .h.i.t, I’ll allow you to my weapon!”
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“Could there really be something wrong?” Ji Hong asked.
“Cursed treasures possess a consciousness of their, and it may convey to i always need it, consequently it wishes to problem me. In case you effect it now, it may attempt to damage you.”
Su Yang swung the sword towards the atmosphere another afterwards, mailing a ma.s.sive arc of dark-colored flames traveling within the cursed tool.
And that he carried on, “Some divine treasures will obtain their own personal awareness naturally whilst some divine treasures are created because of their individual awareness.”
“That wood keep will be the cursed jewel? Unbelievableā€¦” Lian Li said as she looked at the wood made sword that had been slightly trembling in Su Yang’s grasp. Whether or not this was laying in the center of the road, she would’ve definitely cared for it as garbage and dismissed it.
“Heaven Ingesting Reach!”
At some time after, they turned up inside of a large and vacant courtroom somewhere on the Ji Family’s home.
Even so, perfect as Ji Hong tried to wide open the exhibit circumstance, Su Yang suddenly said, “Hang on a second.”
Su Yang retrieved another sword before releasing his Sword Will.
At some point in the future, they appeared within a great and bare the courtroom somewhere in the Ji Family’s domestic.
Nonetheless, to the surprise, they may experience a compact dot on the atmosphere that increased more substantial and much larger.
“Decent. You can carry on the swap after I see everything.” Su Yang reported, in which he sent back to exploring the assortment room that had spanning a hundred treasures.
“Consider? Attempt what?” Ji Hong brought up his eye brows inside a baffled fashion.
“Alright, esteemed visitor. That you can do anything you want here.” Ji Hong said to them.
“Do you really head when i check it out?” Su Yang asked Ji Hong a moment later on.
Seeing and hearing Su Yang’s terms, Ji Hong immediately jerked his hands and fingers way back in a startled fashion, much like he accidentally handled some thing too very hot.
Su Yang continued to be status there after, and that he stared with the atmosphere, much like he was anticipating the cursed sword to return down.
“Okay, esteemed guest. You can do whatever you want here.” Ji Hong believed to them.
“I don’t assume that cursed jewel could thrive this kind of attackā€¦” Ji Hong mumbled in a dazed tone of voice.

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